Midleeast theater play, part x of unlimited parts

In Iraq, it has been a very sarcastic yet worth watching event . The court of Iraq president “Sadam Hussien”. Previous USA minister of justice “Ramzy Clerk”, and previous Qatari minister of justice Noaemi had insisted on their rights to defend “Sadma Hussien”. The team of  lawyers left the court stating they can not continue if the president of the court did not allow them to have their own speeches.

After long discussions, the judge find no other solution but to listen to them and let them defend freely. The lawyers insisted on the right of protecting them “the 9 lawyers” since two of them were already assassinated in the previous two months. They expressed the unacceptability of the current court since it is the production of the USA occupation, and asked for an international court moderated by the UN.

Nothing much with justice ha?! Good luck middle east region.


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