A monster with three heads

today, people living in the arab world are experiencing yet another hard time in their history . In the horizon there looks no hope . yet the presence is freezed and paused . and people has just started to escape the to the back, to the ancient times to avoid FEAR. Sometimes the price of avoiding fear could be killing the other or even one’s self.
To give the full picture, Arabic people has been trying in the contemporary history to create a new Renaissance . After being under occupation for many centuries by ottomans,, the French, and English came to place new boundaries and divide the Arabic world body into much smaller entities . after hard revolutions the Arab countries won their independence again at different years.
then the Palestinian case came to life and millions of Palestinians became refugees when Israelis occupied Palestine in 1948 and continued their occupation in 1967. Since then, Arabs has considered the liberation of Palestine their focal and main concern.
mean while the islamic fundementals grown and the arabic leaders used the excuses of fighting Israel to rule their countries and people for many years .
two destructively killing diseases started eating Arab people’s minds : the dictatorship and the Islamic fundamentalism.
Years passed Arabs were ruled by dictators and their brains were washed by Islamic traditional and backwardness rehetoric speeches.
no enlightening phase has ever found its way to the minds of Arab masses’ minds . the only lucky portion was those young people who managed to travel to the west to continue their education their . However, unfortunately, very few could come back . everyone who witnessed the western civilization could not come back to suffer the pain of bureaucracy and corruption in their own countries. Thus, no transferring of knowledge was possible .
Today the Arab world inhabitants are at the edge of the cliff faced by the wildest monster the history has ever known. a monster with three heads: one head called Arabic regime dictators, second head is fundamentalist Islamists, and third head is called USA greedy government and MOSAD ( Israeli intelligence agency ).
That said, Arabic youth are getting more oriented towards more fundamental, conservative, and aggressive escapes . the future is not promising at all UNLESS . . . . . ..  . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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