drifted away

I have always been a child …then have always been a girl ….

Years, movies, passions are all inside me

and men with nice words in their mouths had taken me

a child, a girl and then a woman , full of passion and desire

full dozen of years and then another dozen of years addd no fears

gray hairs lighten with silver my head

wrinkless pampered my face


and here i am older and older just like stars

men had walked over my body like invadors kill the cities

leaving nothing behind except the bruned memories

all they were good in were throwing words in the skies

but words dry and fall dead on my life grounds


men melt like ancient lies then fade so dry

but my hope and passion twinkle like a little star

again ? i ask myself .. after alll the pain ?

yes and yes

some light creep inside and enlighten my life with hope again


free to be like en eroded board of wood drifted in the sea

yet i am the sea and i am the wave

no captain coz the wind of words had faded away 

dried and died

no words of lies are still alive

and so my heart will beat like it had never died …


i am a woman full of passion









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