Syria – Magazine and comming brands

the oher dy there was an idea that was born !
u know, syrian market will soon ope the doors to international appareal and comatics brands ..
there will be many entries
so i was just thinking , where are they going to advertise, nd the gap s clear enough,
so why dont we just create a trends nd fashion magazine with a destinctively USP.
and igot the spirit and then made the simple homework of questining few freinds who are happening to work with importers sides if they could be interested in such publication in principle . answers were . YES definetly.
problem again is that i am not  millionaire .. i pay what i earn on a daily basis ..
so the only time i feel a little bit depressed of not having some money in my pocket is when I find that some cool and feassible ideas can not render real becuse i just need to spend on them myself and no one else.
hey Donald Trump, why didnt employee someone to surfe the net and read bilal’s blogs.
too bad , u lost another business opportunity …. you got to practice some HR.

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