HAMAS – The Leading Brand

if pornography is about showing skin – and hidden sexual parts of males and females then more or less hamas is competting badly with PlayBoy and the four wheels sex legend .
In the past few years the newly emerging brand had proven its unegotiable ability to exceed audience expectations ..
time, logistics,and product wise.
HAMAS products are available aroudn the clock, from early mornings to mid nights.In Casinos, Bus stops and settlmetns . children, women and men . different product types with superior accessibility nd at customer convenience that is even faster than any internet shopping experiences .
and to complete its basic mktg mix, the pricing strategy adopted by the company is  nonsuch, non comparable, very breaking through and impossibly copied by competitors.
the almost 0 cost products enables the company to sell almost for a 0 price . how the company makes the profits? through in kind contributions …..
yah we are living in the oil era

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