Trophy Wife

Call her the blond bombshell, or nex t Marilyn Monroe. The texas girl has stood for a symbol of " Trophy wife" after her marraige to   she was 26 he was 82 , a year latter he died leaving her a hill of money .


Playboy recognized sex publiction was the medium , and since then many girls were inspired by Anna Nicole Smith and loved the game . the best rewarding role a woman can play in a life time . " Trophy wife " .


and look how many copies we have today …


just loved to share this psycho-socio case.


mouh to all


note: while surffing the net to explore the issue , i ran into a cool website ( not recommended at all to those who are nt interested in exploring or who are under 18 ). it is an org. that promotes nudity – all the time – ! although i am totly against this sever explicity . i cannot skip this without saying tht it realy let me think it again about the concept of sex and its limits . where does it stand . Hijab or all time nudity !

a course that should be followed in more details . . .




again dont check this out if u r not a researcher ! it might be awful for many.




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