I am developing an economical model

I am working on developin an Economical model called " ONE step behind " .


Theme :

The module is intended to help middle east countries primerly and southern coutnries in a second place to follow the north countires econmical models . by copying per a certian model the north countries economical models .


In my model I am using differnt varriable and considering differt factors . birth rates, divorce rate, households sizes, GDP ( different measurments ), crime levels, internet penetration levels, brands numer at ech category and leading brands, literacy levels and demographics, advertising mediums and expenditure, fortun bigs earnings, etc.




Data collection

Data entry

Coorelations and formulas establishment


Project Phase:

2006 – 2009



If you think you can help on this and joine me plese let me know. i would be glad to .


Joining conditions:

You need to be passionate and sincere aaaaand pro. maybe.



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