France – Syria – Friends | UpdateO

We are still working on developing the ( PILOT = Testing ) version of our project ( France – Syria – Friends ) .
not an easy job ( I promise ) .
curently there are two links for the project ( ofcourse they are linked to each other too, so make sure u dont get lost in the loop :)! )
way, away from this , let us review together the purpose of this once more in one mission statement " to link both cultures more by facilitating cultural exchange and knowledge transfeering"
so stick to this if you want to help us .
we had devided the work into two parts :
a blog where France – Syria ( FRIENDS ) can post and reflect :
and the Group where we expect to see memberts along with their profiles, comments and contribution : 
as you can realize this is not only a charitable work but also it is still a baby . two conditions that make it so fragile in our regions terms and today’s world conditions .
in this sense, you can realize even more how much we are in need to hear from you and get your help .
this is an honorable ( bage ) for intellectuals to be on board and sail with us the mediteranian – at least – .
and yes, by the way .. peace ..  

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