SYRIA |>The Re-Evolution


It’s been for two years now. I think a good narration about Syria has to be of two folds, a passionate, and a reasoned ones.


If someone would visualize Syrians’ lives before this re-evolution it would be much like a surrealistic piece of art. Syrians majority lacked Maslow’s basic needs for a descent life  (food, shelter, security). Yet you could see international fashion brands, luxurious expressions, houses with rocket sky prices,

Syrian citizen has always been of a second degree. The Syrian could not love or dream. Syrians were so thirsty to love and dreams. They wanted to scream out these oppressed spiritual human needs. Syrians needed to scream out their needs to hope and love.

HOPE price

1-Regime part of the future glass:

Was it better to stuck to a known past rather than stepping into unknown future? What do we really know about the price Syrians have so far paid to make the big leap into a brighter future?  Does it worth it?

We know it has been for 730 days now. 60,000 Syrian humans were killed, 220,000 detained, 76,000 disappeared, 2 million displaced inside Syria, and 1 million refugees outside the borders. The figures are according to United Nation statistical records. And far by my limited knowledge, nobody had the privilege of sorrow to count how many trees, animals, and window glasses have been shot dead.

Syrian Lira exchange ratio against dollar has topped from $1/48 S.P. to $1/100 S.P. The reconstruction cost is estimated at %40 of the Syrian gross domestic product (GDP). A massive destruction to private & public properties, infrastructure, and Syrian ruins and heritage. Syrian ruins are being stolen and smuggled abroad. And many new unethical businesses are growing every single day.

But is Picasso’s saying applicable in the Syrian case: “Any creative act should start with a destructive one”?

Blood - HOPE

2-Re-evolution part of the future glass

Syrians wanted to jump over the wall, no to break it. They wanted to make a leap towards the future.


Symbolizing the country by a woman, were the very early protests’ calls. “hold on country, the freedom is getting born” (Syrians refer to country as a female). The woman has participated on the making of this re-evolution and she was there equally with man.


The mosque, which has long stood as an icon for the not so appealing Islam, restored its status as a democratic “institution” rather than a one-voice podium, with one sheikh lecturing over people’s heads. The mosque acted as a space exporting voices of freedom. Many atheists would attend it as a gathering point to get out and protest for their rights. This is a religion faceoff.


Syrian re-evolution brought the Syrian map to international recognition. Whether through media coverage, art expressions, or Syrians activists around the globe. Syria is brought to international consciousness. Today a new face of Syria, is being shared. It is very true that a lot of the country’s buildings and infrastructure have been destroyed, and it is true that many of the heritage materialized as ruins have been stolen but the country is now more recognized than ever before. Recognition is the first step in generating attraction. Being an attractive destination, can be monetized in GDP terms through tourism sector.


There is now more than any time before a real civic engagement, collective discussions of public issues is the first step in forming a cohesive public conscious. Young generation is taking the lead. We witnessed a reallocation of power, money, and ideas. contact of the less fortunate classes in terms of literacy, financial status, and exposure, with the more civilized cities. This; getting gently and visionary, in contact with “the other” citizen is a big leap towards future. Middle class finally has a higher voice and are now actively participating in constructing Syria’s future. The future of Syria is made by Syrians.


Syrians now are more future oriented, driven by future rather than the past, they are looking through the front window not the rear mirrors. Regardless of the fogy atmosphere, the future is here. It is not occultism. Syrians now are more aware of the dynamic time concept. This is helping in questioning and arguing concepts have long been taken for granted. Resistance, Israel, enemy, identity, change, love, belief, hope and even death and life itself are being discussed. Syrians’ vocabulary crop is richer. It is not limited to a car model, a wedding party, and a satellite dish TV channel.


Maybe the most abbreviated explanation of this change can be realized through the creativity proliferation. Art  and mediated forms of content rained colorfully everywhere. Graffiti, news papers, graphic design, fine arts, music. Even through sarcasm art caricature,

To stop the re-evolution or not to stop is not a question.


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