Our friend Dima  happens to be a great chief, with a special taste of oriental and western fusion style. We asked Dima to recommend a nice restaurant in Gemmayzeh. She in her turn asked what type of food are we in a mood to have, steak, Italian or oriental? I said oriental/Arabic. Dima thankfully recommended Leila. A restaurant that I saw twice before and liked its ambiance but didn’t get the chance to get in. So Firas and I agreed and we headed to Leila. The Restaurant is designed after the image of recognized Arab singer Leila Mourad. Leila’s Egyptian father had Iraqi Jewish roots and her mother was a Jewish from Poland.

At Leila the restaurant As you can see everything is well branded under one theme. you can easily see how integrated the communication is from floor tilts to straw packaging.

Shot with my shaky hand. I am paranoid about chairs.  Remember, Assad family glued on the chair for 43 years and never wanted to leave?

The restaurant has an amazing oriental menu with exceptionally delicious items. I bet you can not resist. The only one problem is that Syrian refugees scattered in Lebanon  Jordan, turkey and Iraq mainly have serious issue with food and clothes matters. and one can not totally dismiss this so basic human fact while enjoying life. Unfortunately conferences alone are not enough to solve this crises and its yet to come implication.

Should I have stayed in Beirut for a longer time I would have visited the place more frequently, but i had to leave Beirut shortly after as i was illegal there. Actually I entered to Lebanon through mountains! defiantly not to write about Leila Restaurant :)


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