دماء في مرسيليا – Blood in Marsseille

The other day Caroline, Iyad and, I walked Rue Paradise up. I passed by what seemed to be a nice shop with a sign with some red typography. I asked what was it, and i was told its a blood donation space. Meanwhile an old lady walking by started to talk to us in french.

After she walked by, my friends explained how upset about our attitude she was.  The lady was telling us that we are not doing the right thing. She said we have to donate our blood today to find the blood should we needed it in the future.


I smiled, the only thought that occurred to my mind: “French appreciate blood”. I know its a non legitimate generalization but i still could not avoid the fact that this french lady consider blood a wealth. An investment.

In  Syria these days, it is too sad how much blood is being shed on a daily basis. My hysterical thought was that we so far lost more than 100,000 Syrian, taking the average blood volume in human body this would be enough for 684 Assad regime persons to drink for one complete year; giving the fact that a (human) body needs 2 litters of water each day. this is also cable of filling 1/5 Olympic size swimming pool . This is capable of filling almost 1, 700,000  cock cans which make it like one can for each citizen in Marsseille  NOT to drink, but to protest against the crimes of ASSAD.


Tammam Azzam Syria in Blood 2

Art work by Syrian artist Tammam Azzam

This blood donation space is really inspiring . It gave me back the sense of blood respect. Blood value in such critical times where its is being shed priceless on Syria soil….the big red sign and the red chairs outside. the juice jugs, all together helped me redefine -visually- blood as an iconic concept.



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