Image Rapping

No body can deny the impact of images. However, the importance of image is beyond the examination of this short post.

To my concern is the shocking visual bellow:

Hanged Child

The image was posted by Damascus coordinate which define itself as a revolution party. The typography in Arabic reads:

“Syrian child hanged by Shabiha Nousaeri just because he is Suni Muslim” . where “Shabiha” is the definition of the majority of rebels to militants supporting Assad. “Nousaeri” is used as a word referring to Alawites and Shiites sects with complete ignorance of the word origin which has absolutely nothing to do with Alawites and Shiites. As we can say then, the typography (which is used to define and signify the image) is absolutely sectarian. however this is not the only crises!

The Crises:

The image has nothing to do with Assad regime! the image was firs appear on June 2010 which is before this whole revolution take place in Syria! Here is the original one and it was posted by someone Kelly who strangely joined the network at the very same month!

The visual however bear the stamped logo of a Syrian website called “Akks Al Seir” but i could not spot the image at that website, so if anyone can do please drop me a line.

This is not the end of this whole rapping or you name it even illegal prostitution act. the most horrible part is yet to come.

So if  some of Assad opponents are doing this now, we saw the very similar act by some of Assad pros earlier and astonishingly with the same image.

Repeatedly, In July 2012 this post suggest that a Shiet child was hanged by Syrian terrorist  rebels after his family has been killed in Seida Zeinab area near Damascus.

In December 2012 we hear the same reply of the hatred speech against rebels. This time the propagandist choose to use more insulting words rather than accusing Syrian rebels of being terrorists.

The fact is always one. The images are being used to manipulate public opinion. The publishers of these images are always of masked identities or a bunch of idiots who decide to spread the word rather than doing a small work of verification.

Apparently, the short-cuts culture is terribly and negatively having its impact on our world. The way acquire information and process it is defiantly impacting the way our ideology systems are constructed and accordingly our attitudes and eventually our behaviors.

Your stand towards events taking place in Syria today is the “dynamic” result of all the expressions you were exposed to and eventually what shaped your impression and stand.

In this event, I would like to invite you to re-think what you heard and saw, to verify the most things that come up to your mind. More importantly, i ask you NOT to do what i just did. I ask you to avoid my mistake and NOT to spread an image further. Even when you want to say it is not true, the best thing is to write about it. In special cases you can place a link that would lead to your evidences in case people are more interested in exploring  the face of “Lie”.

Whats taking place now in Syria is a visual war more than anything else. Anybody who would underestimate the value of visuals is participating in the ignorance process.

Today visual lies are no less harmful than killing any human. In fact they are political prostitution. In fact they are  human trading!

In fact this is a mind raping !


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