Syria =Creative Revolution

This is the explanation text behind the crowd funding for the project: Syria Creative revolution – Phase 2

Short Summary

In the time of war destruction comes this work.

In the times of departure comes this bird.

in the times of depression comes this piece of hope.

This book is histoical evidence on the creativity of the Syrian revolution.  It documents the Syrian revolution art. Working closely with tens of artists and with extensive data sets.

Day after day the violence escalated in Syria and so did the lies. Day after day the option of studying art and documenting the Syrian visual expressions in a systematic way and within an institutional context proves validity.

Why do we need money and where your money will go:

To make this project a reality with a supporting online platform we need some funds. This is to include an economic remuneration for the work of three people for a year. This will enable a professionnel visual documentation of this revolution.

Today, amid this sever conflict, which started -and remained for 8 months- as a peaceful revolution, most of the funding either go to arms or to unsustainable and not measurable projects. This is another loss in crisis times.

What We Need & What You Get

We need to put this whole detailed work in a book. This will enable a handy and easy way to retrieve content: artists work, Syrians visual creative expressions, relevant documents, visual analysis and studies. A content that will be saved for generations to come. To continue the work we need to continue the needed funding after securing 3000 british pounds on June 2013, thanks to British council policies and the team their who realized the importance of this project. We still need to secure the remaining amount of 16800 Euros. This will be used to update the research work (currently only from 2011 till March 2013), put the book design, layout, do the proof reading, translation, book production, and start the website initial planning work. But we are quite sure that other partners will join on at next project phases and make this website and visual research and documentation center a reality.

We asked Syrian business men and art galleries’ owners to help but they did not see a value in this work. We understand their concerns.

Not surprisingly hough, many other socially concern citizens realized the importance of this work and today are waiting for this crowd funding effort to be launched. Here it is my friends.

This is not a Syrian revolution art showcase. It is not the collector of the images and visuals.

This is a documentary. A would be two years work to collect, research, analyze, archive and present what we like to call the Syrians creative revolution. more than 20 categories are used to study these visuals from esthetics, artistic, engagement, perspectives.  This will help realize the presentation of several concepts, including the woman, arms, identity, children, religion, hope and many other concepts.

Help us bring this project out, and don’t forget to pick the gifts on the side bar.

The Impact

Your contribution will make a difference:

This project will help us make these creative ouputs available for easy retrieval for any one interested in Syria, history, art, communication, sociology or even justice evidences.

We believe it is quite important that growing and coming generations to see the amount and quality of Syrians expressions on this phase of Syrian history after years of muting and excluding culture.

It is important to show that this was people’s move for their rights not terrorists attack as promoted by Syrian regime propaganda machine. On the other hand, it is important to see why this is a propaganda-free communication and art. Not always though too.

In the Syrian case it becomes a default conception that agenda-free projects get no funding, with the success of this project we prove again that people from every window of this -free- world have this solidarity in the face of agenda dictating and controlling policies. People make this revolution happen, people remained faithful to their peaceful option, and people from around the world make conscious decisions to support them.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can always make this project heard by sharing with your friends.

If you are a media person or a graphic designer then we need your help. Please get in touch

All friends out there:

Keep your eyes on this space here as we will keep you posted about informative things. Our page on facebook will be available as of 13 September 2013

And to assad regime : 

Here we are again! Peacefully protesting through all possible mediums for a better syria.

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