A Mass Construction Weapon (MCW)

Three men stood in our face asking us to go with them. Only the table separated us. On the table there were our two laptops, a camera and off course our “smart” phones with all the communication applications there What’s app, Viber, Skype and off course Facebook. Apparently they were not smart enough! Behind us there was a wall. just like this one i am posting on it right now. The men didn’t have guns. YET.

After staring at these men for what felt like 10 years, Caroline and i looked at each others. Then caroline picked her phone and asked to go to the WC. the reply was off course “NO”. i grasped my phone and tried to burry it in a narrow space in the chair! then we raised up. i tried to manipulate the space and conversation while caroline was running around a column. trying to make a phone call. They were mad. suddenly they become like seven. suddenly they started to shout and pulled me. but caroline had already made a call. I used what i had already prepared. I told the men my name is bilal what is ur name. trying to act in a complete ignorance. The reason i mentioned my name was a pre-planned. every time we used to go out into peaceful protests there was a chance to be arrested. and i thought it won’t be a bad idea to mention my name loudly so that someone there would be able to tell family and friends. somehow latter. I used the same technique here and apparently it worked. the man off course didnt reply to my “stupid” question but a girl who was sitting there having her coffee with her friend learned my name by heart. while they pulled us up into the car stucked with guns and men. two men went back to told the girl who was crying “why are you crying, they are terrorists stuffing the chocolate with dynamite and bombs” . no it is not a joke that what happened. Few hours latter while we were being interrogate the girl were posting the story on facbeook and mentioning my name. the name travelled to france where another friend in would call a mutual friend in syria and ask him about us. That happened two years ago . from 14:00 till 2:00 morning we were interrogated at the air forces offices before being moved to mazeh airport. I decided to write this in english because the words in arabic seems to be completely meaningless with the amount of pain and death taking place in syria. Repetition kills. It’s been two years and i still didnt release what is inside me. I know by default that this is not good for me. but i also knew that studying and working will revamp my anger and reform my sadness and that what happened. I still wait for a moment to scream loud for all the bad things i experienced. not by the regime only but by the revolution liars. I didnt get any chance yet. But for me, i had two priorities: to escape syria and to develop a mass construction weapon (MCW). Something i thought about while in prison. something related to walls and time. The Syrian Creativity. The Syrian DNA. So far, apparently, i am satisfied. Once i am done with my studies this year i will take a month or two to share the delightful stories about this very sincere revolution. Until then, i am sending my emotions to bed. Partially.


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