4 Helpful Questions : Muslims and France

To my muslim believer fellows in this day of grieve in France.

Giving the fact that i am a moderate “Interpreting Believer”, I do fully understand how many of you feel today. There are at least four critical questions that can help you describe your attitude towards what happened today in France and help you better understand your belief:

1- Prioritizing: compassion with victims and their families vs defending your belief system. In fact if your priority today was to defend islam then i am sorry to say that you need to revise your belief system. While on the other hand, if you found yourself concerned with the victims more than anything else then things are relatively normative.

2- Amplified Selfishness: you being insulted vs they being killed. Many today mixed the content the magazine published earlier with the terror act. They are totally two separate subjects. You may be not in favor of the content itself but definitely against the materialized content generated by the terrorists, i.e., the massacre.

3- A battle that is not yours: Defending your own values vs defending mouhamad.

4- Source of condemnation: being afraid of getting categorized as a radical muslim you opt to condemn out of fear rather than a genuine belief.

My advice is to be conscious. You might be what I call a “shadow Muslim” who is not even conscious about his/her own islam. or maybe you are a “muslim by chance”. Inheriting islam makes you in a position where you find yourself obliged to defend things you know nothing about. Or to make it finer, things you heard about!



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