A letter to my french grandma in this sad day for France!

Flying Bird

I was not born in France, nor any of my parents, and non of my parents had a French mother nor a grandmother, so it is quite surprising to have a French grandma. But this can still be more believable than knowing a leading nation would thorw a nuclear bomb and shuttering people’s lives, or killing people just because their skin color is darker than the perceiver’s own. So, in fact, I do have a French grand mother and I love her so much.


For whatever the reason can be today many people were killed: 12 indeed. Or let me put it in a more representative format: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. even better? men and women. different ages, with families. Different beliefs systems, color shades, hair styles, feet sizes, and also different kidney performance. Some likes hard rock music, others prefer opera singing. Some open the left eye before the right one when waking up in the morning, other has just broken up with his girl, and a fifth one had burned her finger catching in hurry her mug of coffee before rushing to the meeting. The editorial meeting. The space where they all were killed!


Ok, so i am writing this letter to my French grand mother. and i am writing to her for two reasons, first: because this is all i can do now, and second because i believe this is all she wants now. Both of us are ready. I have all it takes to write: “feeling”, and she has all it takes to read: “silence”.

-Deep breather-

I love grand mothers, I used to have two of them. Not like my pairs of socks. nor my gloves, although both were warm enough, but maybe more or less like my two plants. Both of them died. and i lost all the stories that usually come with grand mothers. So i had to invent my own. I guess, the first time i became imagination-independent is when they both passed away. That was the time when my imagination was boosted. When i was younger I had always the chance to invent, to make fantasies, and day dreams. I was an occupied island and i needed such escape. Imagination for me was water-equal. But that was not too good. In fact it became dangerous, critically dangerous.

-Silence and Hesitation-

As Einstein put it: “logic takes you from A to B, imagination takes you everywhere”. and it really did. I had never travelled from A to B. I have a wanderer personality and i guess those who draw any images about Islam or the prophet Mouhamad have the same wandering personality. In fact, Muhammad, Jesus and the terrorists have this too. But there is a slight difference between each.

There is this very thin line between committing fantasy or committing a crime. While I can not accuse someone for committing fantasy i need to be aware of the consequences they might bring on me and you!. Einstien committed a fantasy. USA president committed a crime by thowing the implication result -a nuclear bomb- and killed the world. Yes, i said the world ! Jesus committed a fantasy, crusade committed a crime. Same did Mouhamad and implementer precdent Bin-Laden and todays killers. A thin line separates between imagination that leads to creation and human prosperity at one end, and imagination that leads to the destruction of self and others. I recently, and on a personal level encountered a case where someone imaginative to a destructive level. A destruction that can turn people’s lives upside down over a night because of inferiority complex or any other type of complexes that were not dealt with appropriately just as we al witnessed today. Self-revision is a life-must.

What we witnessed today is categorized under “expressive terrorism” this is to refer to the actions where violence is both the tool and the objective. The terrorists today, aimed at killing and at using killing as a medium to spread fear amongst us.

Brian Jenkins 1975, says “Terrorists want a lot of people watching, and not a lot of people dead”. This is exactly what they did today. The succeeded not only in killing our fellow humans but also in making us repeatedly watch the stage of the crime. It is sad that they succeed and more sad that we are “!excited!” to the point of clicking the “Reply” button over and over again.

There is a lot of literature being writing about terrorism years back, and the core debatable discussion revolve around the definition of terrorism. This is a critical issue, for some muslims today, the act is considered heroic, a revenge for their dignity! It is hard to believe this but it exist, denying this OR deciding to deal with this with the most brutal way wont help. I do strongly believe there is no single justification for any terrorist act. I still believe that without addressing the roots of terrorism there can not be a real safe world. And to achieve such level of understanding to the terrorism phenomena we need to consider terrorist states a form of terrorism. Many of you do agree with this, but the sad thing is that many experts about terrorism do NOT. they name terrorist state as over use or misuse of power, or war crimes but not terrorism. I worked on the subject a little bit and I can promise with big confidence that roots of terrorism grow in the soil of terror states. This terror state can be a religious rhetoric too.

To my French grand mother,

I know your eyes are rounding .. ur nose is cold. .. and while everyone is watching news, going to street, talking to friends about what happened today. You are not doing any of this. You are 99 years old. We bought you a good audio-supporting instrument to help you better catch up with the conversation around you. but it seems that Alzheimer is stronger than making you even worry about all this. But i still can see fear in your eyes. although i did not see you today. You are afraid, you smell fear in the air. everyone seems panicked and alerted and you do not like this. you simply do not like this. You want to continue a tranquil life. and you do not believe what you see, you are a supper strong christian believer. So you are just sad and wondering why on earth, everyone seems to be addictive to watching, and eventually addictive to fear. I can also hear your monologue about how idiots we are to submit to the terrorists will and become afraid. But You also have this deep wisdom inside you telling you that we should not walk by like nothing happened. To be afraid is something and to do something about is totally another thing. Yes my dearest French grand mother, I am going to send you the rest of the letter latter, so far i had exceeded 1158 words and i should stop as to give a better chance for someone to read this. today i was sad, like you, the only difference is that i am too conscious compared to you. that is not helpful. You are afraid because you are seeing us afraid and not because those cowered masked criminals did this savage act, and you are sad, because we are too hyper, and you are worried because life had taught you that those who get too hyper are those who forget too sooner.

And not to forget too soon and not to hate too easy, let each one of us invent a stamp in the memory of our memory which was scratched deep today, write a letter to someone has never been there and send such letter to them.

To my French grand mother in this sad day, everything will be made okay.


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One response to “A letter to my french grandma in this sad day for France!”

  1. BY RAJANA says :

    I think the whole country is sad with the news. 😐

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