I am shocked … The police shot fire and many were killed!

Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo, Marseille, Protests for Liberty

Thousands were there. Protesting for a sacred value: Liberty. Then suddenly, police started shooting on them, on us. Killing and injuring many. I mean thousands. I mean a couple of hundreds of thousands.

Do not misinterpret my message/news, i was not talking about France, i was talking about Syria. Where since the beginning, four years ago, pacific protests were faced by Syrian regime’s security forces with fire. Bullets against voices of liberty.

Carlie Hebdo, Syria, Marseille, France 10934323_10152999083068221_2137356598_n

Does that rings relevant? What about considering journalists, cartoonists and directors who were killed by Assad regime security. Or maybe those who were severely injured by Assad regime forces but still covering news in Syria.

This is exactly the reasoning behind my participation like many and  going out for the victims of terrorism in France. The principle is one and it will always remain: Injustice in one place have a domino effect everywhere. And Justice in one place have this butterfly effect everywhere too.

RIP Charlie Hebdo team and all victims of terror in the past hard days.


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