Je suis George W. Bush and peut être Charlie aussi.

God of Morals vs God of Niche

God of Morals vs God of Niche

Charlie will eventually lose the battle and the reason this time is not terrorists. Charlie is losing by the created massive brand awareness. Charlie become a massively known “brand” dictating a “buying” ideology. Charlie become over a night a niche brand when awareness went far bigger than the actual buying! Those who advocate the brand “Charlie” with the slogan “Je sis Charlie” are far more than those who actually buy the product “liberty of expression”.

The concept of: its either “You are””I am Charlie” or “You are” “a terrorist” is a G. Bush-rooted one. Too much consumerism culture in the air -> too much killing will follow! We learned the lesson well. The massive hypocratic advocacy is the real killer of Charlie Hebdo’s values of liberty of expression.
Attention!, this is a slapping time when a nation can easily lose’s her DNA! By selling clones massively to any passer-by. Liberty will not be lost but it will be corrupted when claimed an intrinsic value by hypocrites, which is worse. Boring, repetitive, massive production, and off course SAD.

This is not to say that the luxury of neutrality should be the taken position out of affordability. Syrians know very well the hight cost of not taking a position against injustice. and so does Palestinians, Jewish, black, french, and everyone who has ever been into in a situation countering justice. What is being said here is that the case of Charlie Hebdo should not adopt Hollywood narrative in Star Wars when Darth Vader says “If you are not with me, then you are my enemy” nor those words of George W. Bush “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists” 

Off course no one wants to be with terrorism, off course no one want. But off course no one wants to be labeled or being lectured over her/his head by someone who is a constant liar. What if the answer was “BUT hold on Mr. Bush! In fact, and in case you did not notice yet, killing innocent people and terrifying them is the terrorist act, look what you did in Iraq!”. Polarizing is not good. It let people categorize and easily label each others.

This polarizing is a real invassion at the French cultural values and occupation to the french mindset. Again who needs to talk about absolutes in this era of history, we are not assuming French are creatures who can be easily brain-washed, but the discussion raised here is rooted at public opinion formation and techniques wide base of scientific and validated literature. Still debatable though.

My concern today more than any time before, how to remain faithful to my core values amid this huge consumerism culture attack. How not to feel at any certain moment that i can dictate what is right and what is wrong. How to have my ultimate freedom of expression of telling what I like and what i do not like. What i need and what I do not, and what i believe in and what I do not, but still without enforcing such beliefs, needs, and preferences on others. And more importantly without wanting to abandon my own beliefs just because they have been hijacked by others with certain agendas that do not necessarily comfort my perceptions to the world at this very specific moment of my living time.


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