Turkey Wins

As a Palestinian-Syrian i followed, like many, with big attention the news coming from turkey about the ellections. Good news came with regard to minorities, more particularly: women. 

Turkey General elections resulted in 96 seats won by women. Fourty of which were won because HDP, the Kurds party, pushed for 50f/50m quota and won.  

Regardless of the national core rehtoric of HDP, this is a victory for women NOT in turkey alone but in the region. We see turkey today as a minaret of democracy in a sea region of seprated radical religion-based islands. From Tehran, to Tel Aviv and from Saudi Arabia to Hamas and Hizbullah. 

Let us just be concious enough not to materialze women rights to serve any political agendas. 

We know by now that “claims” about minority rights if not accompanied with an informative wise political agenda can take countries to either an autocraty or anachery! Both are way radical that anyone seem to be asking for.

That said, congratulations Turkey. 

Ps: photo courtesty huffington post 


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