Europe, Refugees, and Fantasies

The Fantasy

Death is predominant. Consciously. But more critically, subconsciously, unconsciously.

We fear death, most of us, it’s ghost is there in the back of our head, every day. But we barely realize that most of our actions are led by that tiny, thrown back there fact: The Fear of Dying.

When there is extreme oppression, and when the word costs one’s own life, the fear of death gets momentum. The seed of fear wakes up and grows. The plant becomes wild. The hands want to grasp life and never let “her” go. It is the fear of death that inhabits “ALL” of us. However, there is something more frightening than death. It is to be vanished. To be completely erased.

For even by knowing that we are going to die we keep the “hope” of leaving a trace until we come back! We consider death as a temporary absence but not a complete vanishing.

When the possibility to be vanished is high, the imagination grows wilder with a strong attempt to outpace the fear of getting vanished.

The visual dominates. It is important.

There is no [imagination] without [image].

When the words are not sufficient, when the language is scarce, and when the experienced emotions are too complex to be visualized we need to [fantasize].

To fantasize means to remain. alive. 

Maybe it is now a little bit more understandable why some people cross the sea to the [golden shores] of Europe? Maybe, because there is a better [heaven] than the one religious business men [drew] for those people in their own autocratic countries!

But many in Europe are contre this crossing. This madness. mainly for economical reasons but also deeply for “ideological” ones too.

I propose here, that if this is a critical demographic question for European governments, and mainly to right and extreme right political parties, then there is a philosophical solution to this quite complex question/phenomena.

The answer is of two components:

The first is related to EU governments while the other is attributed to a work need to be done by immigrants and refugees themselves.

Firstly, EU governments under a strong public pressure, need to stop buying oil and other resources of these developing and POOR countries. EU governments should stop paying the money of tax payers (EU citizens and immigrants alike) to dictatros and anti human rights groups and individuals ruling by corruption these developing poor countries. EU leaders should stop shaking hands with dictators who are stealing those people’s resources and then killing them when they dare to make pacific revolutions. The continuous colonization through absorbing developing countries resources and sharing the benefits with dictators should be considered a national security priority for European citizens. A spirit fleeing an oppressed country through the Mediterranean is not the only risk to economy, society or environment in Europe. Only by stopping shaking hands with the dictators from Saudi Arabia to Morocco. And from Sudan to Mali, poverty, and illiteracy will stop.

Secondly, Immigrants and refugees in Europe should develop enough power of social science to understand the dynamics of European societies and write, publish, and share about these new understandings. Less fortunate people who managed to make it through fantasy to Europe should share these new understandings. By contributing real ground understanding to European societies, the new immigrants/refugees contribute to resisting the westernizing of their developed countries through exported movies, food and textile. Only then ignorance possibly faked imagery of Europe as “heaven” might stop. Only then those who are forced to cross the Mediterranean will stay home –safe- and happy and maybe visit Europe as tourists and not for social protection and security. It is then the advocacy of Westernalism to conquer westernism what is being proposed here. 

Naturally, we are not talking about homogenized group of immigrants or refugees and nor likely homogenized group of European citizens. that said, several mechanisms should be put in place to deal with immigrants. If social and economic viability is what we Europe is concerned about then a proper segmentation based on qualifications and reasons of fantasy should be put in place and also considered. Those who come to Europe to work and go back to their own countries for summer vacation every year might be – I am just saying might be- a little bit different than those who crossed the sea . gambled their lives and the lives of the ones who they love with the hope. just the hope . of remaining alive. !

The fantasy about money is much weaker than the fantasy about life. Those who arrive to the European shores with a fantasy of life do not in any way belong to the same category/genre of those who arrive to Paris and Berlin airports with a fantasy of money. While the latter seems more comforting and shadowy, the former is much deprived and poor but has an intensive / emotions that can bring a lot of beauty and energy to European societies if well-put in place. The power of fantasy is enormously wild. never neglect it. Enjoy it.


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