Disappearing messages from Facebook

Self destructing messages is now better promoted by Facebook as disappearing messages as not to convey a negative sentiments to the new feature branding. The latest feature from Facebook is rolled out for massive experimentation. Enabled for users in France two days ago, the feature allow Facebook messenger users to send messages the vanish after one hour. Naturally, users friends will be able to activate the new feature once it has been used by their friends.

The feature was first was run on france as French users proved to be one of the most conservative ones when it comes to sharing information on Facebook. This -basically psychological- feature gives the impression that information are not stored in Facebook databases. No one said so though!.

We Chat, Wickr, Gryphn, Line, Cyber Dust, Tiiny, Confide, Sobrr, Frankly, are some of the Apps had allowed in the past years similar features pursuing SnapChat (created in 2011) major selling emotional function. In fact, Apps that send disappearing messages have been gaining in popularity since 2013. Technically speaking the encrypting work is concerned with prohibiting users from saving and/or forwarding messages and in some cases even taking a screen shots.

From a communication perspective, the notion behind such feature design is the context matters concept. This is what these Apps and Facebook new feature seems to be considering.  This ephemeral messaging trend is creating an ecosystem of apps built on the notion that text-based communication is best when it’s temporary, just like the verbal. As put by one of these apps introduction about itself “Communicate digitally with the same level of privacy and security as the spoken word.”.

At least for my generation we can now test Mission impossible and Inspector Gadget tools online.


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