Bref, FN Wins . . . France Loses.


Notre Dame De Paris

With the unprecedented success of the French extreme-right party Front national (FN) in the first round of the regional elections, few points worth noting.

1- First, the results show CLEARLY that the majority of French citizens do ACTUALLY support FN program.
2- Secondly, this is to say somehow that at least 2 out of the 3 French republic’s values have been destroyed, or at least facing serious troubles/challenges, namely: égalité and fraternité.
3- The third value; Liberté, is in great doubt if it is still holding true. Under the tighten measurements imposed by the french government both freedoms of expression and access to information are in serious danger.
4- In the sense of the above, how a question of importance is: How much the immune system of France is capable anymore to defend French citizens lives and more importantly sense of life!
Not only the most genuine values of the French culture are being under threat by the French themselves this time when voting extreme, but also this is a clear manifestation of how the French society is getting closed on itself. This is not only economically threatening but it is a cultural-self-suicide.
Those voting extreme are not only abandoning all the French humanitarians contribution since world war two, they are indeed throwing in the name of fear the French culture. Apparently, if 9/11 had enabled Bush to occupy Iraq, the 2015 terrorists attacks in France had enabled FN to occupy France. 
Great job FN! You made unprecedented success, however, the only problem is that with those who voted for you. They had chosen to throw out the champagne with the cork! They threw the baby out with the bathwater! 

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