2017 Publishing Schema

Hello friends,


So it took me a bit to organise my publishing agenda for 2017.

In this year I will be publishing under three main themes

1. Media Studies approaches

a. Content Strategies & analysis (this will include data for human rights)

b. Media Institutions and content production

c. Audience Studies

2. Organisational analysis 

In this section I will be cpntributing some input i believe can be of any value to organisations interested in better understand their poition, dynamics and develop them).

3. Semiotics, Power & Society

Under this section there will be a mix of theoratical understanding as well as historical narriave from Syria. But also reflections on current semitoics/power/society triangle. This will be very much related to the Media studies approaches.



I hope by the end of the year we will have some quite interesting corps. let us see.





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