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Capricious Organism

My friend Cecile asked me to contribute something to their new issue of Matago.


Capricious Organism | Bilal Zaiter

Matago is a biannual magazine devoted to short stories and visuals that simply claim to offer a different image of humanity than the one with high reductive and anxiety contents, now disseminated by hegemonic information, before all concerned for the moment. The Matago chooses to open windows on memory and imagination, the elsewhere, and the marvelous, the history of women and men and, through them, their civilizations. Neither journalistic nor polemical, in “the era of time”.

Here is what i wrote and would like to share with you.

Capricious Organism

The bike’s wheel embraces the feather
as the kid jumps to pick the sonnet
another feather falls to fill the hole in the bonnet
The prisoner eats a plate of stones, lentil, and cordonnet

From the crack of the prison slither the feather, the only left finger twirl it with pleasure

The king is angry and all his egos dither
But the doors are open and love’s tether sutures time patches all together
Christmas this year is gentle and warm like a zither

Most birds migrate
where time’s corticate
is coruscate and corrugate
Where no one invades the clouds or their hearts ablates

I wonder the sky, promenade and parade
carrying my dreams in my socks, or baguette
Sometimes i drop my beanie
Sometimes i fix my tie
But i remain a dolphin -or maybe just a human- scrapping the wind of time

Once upon life time i was an ant
Carrying back home my bread under my armpit
One in the middle class, like a windmill, careless and self-made
That was long time ago, before 2011, when the walls were grey, and the boots were high like the heat of ovean
The mouth was small, the eyes were oval, like unpleasant surprise
Then one day, another ant in the camp played her trumpet

I am a gazelle, from balcony to street, and from fear to light i jumped
Then the plane threw the cage, where my friends and I were trapped
I eat the dry grass on the bars and the insults of the guard, until i turned into a mouse i tasted the cheese there in the darkness landscaped
The hunter saw me and said, i should not eat, as i am just a stone, and so his orders i obeyed, and what he said I so much hard tried not to be.
Gently, I fantasized time, dropping gracefully in my cracks, until my soul jumped out and that was the moment to time I looped
I wondered the streets. searching for my dreams. i licked the corners of songs jars, my hair turned grey, and my heart was freezed.

So with a confident heart of a beautiful apostate
i decided to leave
I spread my wings wider than the logic of time, and the human’s lie
Smoother like my dream
i have been flying for the past four years

I joined millions of birds
Lonely people like us, you and me
Widow women missing their loves
Aggressed who were betrayed in silence deep and hard
Protestors who died
Protestors who cried, and protestors who in themselves believed, and just for such a reason they were tortured
I joined the music of metros
Teenagers who were rejected and marginalized

Cracked hands of the homeless : that is to say humans like you and me who has no stove, nor home or glass to drink the wine of a new year
We are flying together … since years
Every day and dream
Our feathers fall
The window of the office, the fire place of the house are open. The sofa in the studio, the drawer in the kitchen.
Where a feather from a migrant will come
The feather of an ant, gazale, turtle, dolphin, panda, bear, cat, dog, human, bird… will come one day


In french



Bref, FN Wins . . . France Loses.


Notre Dame De Paris

With the unprecedented success of the French extreme-right party Front national (FN) in the first round of the regional elections, few points worth noting.

1- First, the results show CLEARLY that the majority of French citizens do ACTUALLY support FN program.
2- Secondly, this is to say somehow that at least 2 out of the 3 French republic’s values have been destroyed, or at least facing serious troubles/challenges, namely: égalité and fraternité.
3- The third value; Liberté, is in great doubt if it is still holding true. Under the tighten measurements imposed by the french government both freedoms of expression and access to information are in serious danger.
4- In the sense of the above, how a question of importance is: How much the immune system of France is capable anymore to defend French citizens lives and more importantly sense of life!
Not only the most genuine values of the French culture are being under threat by the French themselves this time when voting extreme, but also this is a clear manifestation of how the French society is getting closed on itself. This is not only economically threatening but it is a cultural-self-suicide.
Those voting extreme are not only abandoning all the French humanitarians contribution since world war two, they are indeed throwing in the name of fear the French culture. Apparently, if 9/11 had enabled Bush to occupy Iraq, the 2015 terrorists attacks in France had enabled FN to occupy France. 
Great job FN! You made unprecedented success, however, the only problem is that with those who voted for you. They had chosen to throw out the champagne with the cork! They threw the baby out with the bathwater!