About Bilal

Bilal studied Business Administration. He is proceeding with his studies in Media . After working for several years in advertising and corporate branding domain gradually from account executive to brand manager he decided to shift smoothly to social and cultural communications. He introduced two main concepts to Syrian social sphere, “cultural industries”, and “corporate social responsibility” (CSR). In 2007 he established his small media & communications studies business “Roumooz= Symbols”. A Project that faced a lot of obstacles in an oppressive regime where research is a crime. Bilal is still working on bringing more concrete elements to this initiative.

With the Syrian uprising as of 15 March 2011 Bilal like many other Syrians subscribed to this bid for life. A life with a dignity. He was arrested on May 2011 by Assad brutal regime forces for his writings on Facebook. He was arrested again on April 2012. His vision to events taking place in Syria was from day one against Assad Brutal regime and against arm conflict. The only way out was through an international support through a No-Fly Zone. All other forms of intervention or providing Syrian rebels with arms was a way to kill revolution and Syria.  When the regime insisted on forcing Syrians and Syrian Palestinian to serve military/militants and the fist got more tighten, Bilal  had to escape to Lebanon through mountains in a trip that took 4 days and 8hrs & 45′ (as he prefers to record it) in the snow mountains. Beffore  leaving syria he was working on Arabic translation for a book that has nothing to do with revolution, The book is called “words and money” which tackles cultural funding issues. And on his project “Creative Revolution” a research that is demonstrated in a series of five books the visual revolution of Syrians. A historical documentation that he ironically could not secure funding for. When he arrived to Beirut a strong determination led him to start this white revolution. A way to bring spring back to the revolution concept, regardless of the amount of pollution in the liberty breathes. He started to post images depicting the other sides of life. Maybe he himself needed a dose of beauty and encouragement. Bilal continued with this when he arrived to Marseille   through a “Laissez Passer” granted to him by the French ministry of foreign affairs, the story of this “Laissez Passer” is as much painful as inspiring one.

Current Activities:

Upon his arrival to Marseille Bilal attended Anna Lindh Forum2013 on citizenship in the Mediterranean, he is proceeding with his first book in a series about art, revolution, and society. And here is an audio brief  -in Arabic- about his project -Sorry for the inconvenience but this is NOT accessible through mobile phone sets-.

The British Council thankfully granted bilal partial funding to work on his book, and to secure complete funding for his project through public themselves he launched a crowd funding campaign on this link. the funding was never completely secured and he is still working on that with the same enthusiasm and will he did since he was in Damascus.

s of September 2013 he joined Paris 8 university to continue his research under academic supervision within a master 2 frame. Issues and technology . He obtained his master degree with an excellent mention for his thesis work. 18/20. The research project now had studied more than 14,000 artworks and a first of its kind online social museum has been created. hosting a huge archival work with all relevant engagement. Images of different types (artworks, photos, graffiti, children drawings, signs/placards and caricature.), as well as songs, landmark videos and dictator propaganda.

He also worked on contract basis as Media Consultant and Content Analyst for two entities FPU for a media monitoring, shaping and analysis aspects.


Currently he is in the process of editing his book about the syrian revolution online art, and seeking phd good opportunity.

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